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Drainage soakway  experts 

Do you have an issue with groundwater not draining? Consider installing a well-designed drainage soakway, which will remove storm water effectively. Contact W J Lumb Guttering for detailed information about how it works and whether this will be a suitable option for you or not. We can visit your property for an inspection if you are based within a 30-mile radius of Cambridge. 

What is a soakway? 

A soakway is essentially a hole dug in the ground and filled with rubble or coarse stone, aiding drainage of surface water. Soakways are often used to drain large areas including highways. Though not suitable for all types of property, soakways are a good way to recharge groundwater effectively. Get in touch 
with W J Lumb Guttering for more information about how it works. 
High quality drainage and soakway installations

High quality drainage and soakway installations 

 For soakway installations, we often need to work on or modify the existing drainage systems. We also undertake new 
drainage projects with innovative and cost-effective designs. 
Storm water attenuation

Advantages of drainage soakways 

  • Storm water attenuation 
  • Easy to construct and maintain
  • Retrofitting possible
However, there are a few disadvantages such as adverse effects on existing drainage systems, and increased risk of groundwater pollution. Contact us for details. 
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Need a drainage soakway system?

Contact your local soakway experts for a free quote on various types of drainage soakway solutions we can offer. Call: 
07720 146 815 or 01223 510 623
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